The Pledge: ‘He Is My Reverend, My Pastor, My Hero’ [Fan Feature]

Jul 18 2011

As the army of Technicians grows larger by the day, “The Pledge” remains a powerful belief that binds them all together. For every fan there is a different meaning to “The Pledge”, and with the daily recital of “The Pledge”, fans are showing that they stand behind its message.

Some fans have passionately extended this belief to others in an effort to spread Tech N9ne’s music. For Nannabah Hufford, taking “The Pledge” on the air meant she could share something special with her son:

“My son and I took the Pledge of Technicians on the air. We rep our strange all day everyDAY WITH OUR MATCHIN sTRANGE TATS. Tech is amazin every rhyme he comes up with is awesome He is my reverand my pastor My hero. Met Kutt up close and personal when they blew up this New Mexico town. I can definately say I wholeheartedly am a Technician in life and in death.TECHNICIANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“The Pledge” is demonstrating that Tech N9ne fans can not only co-exist, but also share in the positive message of his music. Whether it’s with friends or family, “The Pledge” allows everyone to take pride in themselves and the Technician movement.

Call (347) 994-3066 Monday through Thursday at 3PM CST to take The Pledge Of A Technician!

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Have you taken the pledge? What does it mean to you? Let us know in the comments below!