The Pledge: ‘Strengthening My Allegiance As A Technician’ [Fan Feature]

Jul 6 2011

No one could have imagined the impact that “The Pledge” would have when Tech N9ne first created it. Meant as a tribute to his real fans, and a means to ‘clique up’, Tech drafted the piece in anticipation of the success that All 6’s And 7’s would bring. Several months later, fans are still pledging on a daily basis, and those that haven’t are still awaiting their turn. With its powerful message, “The Pledge” holds a different meaning to every individual who takes it. One fan in particular shared his story with us. Nick Krutz participated by calling into SM Live and taking “The Pledge”. Explaining the meaning it holds for him he said:

“I took the pledge because I feel that Tech’s music reaches out to a lot of people. He’s strictly for his fans. Ive been a fan for almost 7 years. His music has helped me through a lot. And I feel that by me taking The Pledge, its further strengthening my allegiance as a Technician. I will always be down with Strange Music, til I’m dead in the ground. And its a wonderful thing when you can convert people. Ive already got my brother hooked, and a lot of friends as well.”

“The Pledge” has given fans an outlet to express their pride as Tech N9ne fans. Nick Krutz is just one of hundreds of fans who have already taken “The Pledge”, and there are still many more waiting as the army of Technicians builds.

Call (347) 994-3066 Monday through Thursday at 3PM CST to take The Pledge Of A Technician!

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Have you taken the pledge? What does it mean to you? Let us know in the comments below!