POLL: Best Random ‘Worldwide Choppers’ Video?

Jul 3 2011

The “Worldwide Choppers” craze continues to spread faster than the flows heard on the monster single. The track has created an enormous response from fans everywhere who have been using it as inspiration for their own original creations. Dancers, rappers, athletes, and artists have all uploaded the craziest, funniest, and even weirdest videos for “Worldwide Choppers”. No other track in Tech N9ne’s history has managed to stir up this sort of reponse from fans. For weeks now, we have been sharing some of the very best “Worldwide Choppers” videos to hit YouTube. This time around, we have compiled three of the best random “Worldwide Choppers” videos for you to vote on. Between acrobats and dancers, these videos are a great example of just how talented Tech N9ne fans can be. Watch all three videos below, and vote for the best random “Worldwide Choppers” video!

Flipping out


Freestyle Dance

Vote below for the best video!

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What did you think of these videos? Which was your favorite? Why?