POLL: Best Tech N9ne DVD?

Jul 15 2011

The release of Tech N9ne’s Eurotech DVD is already being called the best Tech N9ne DVD ever by fans on the web. Showcasing Tech’s great performances while in Europe as well as some hilarious behind the scenes antics, the DVD gives fans the best of Tech’s world. With T9X, The Psychumentary, Strictly Strange, and K.O.D. – Live In Kansas City already in Tech’s catalog, Eurotech is just the latest in what is sure to be an ever growing list of future releases. Keeping Eurotech in mind, we would like to know what the best Tech N9ne DVD is?

Vote below for the best Tech N9ne DVD.


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What did you like best about Eurotech? What would you like to see on the next DVD? Let us know in the comments below!