‘Rock and Roll N***a’ [Best Buy Exclusive]

Jul 5 2011

For years Tech has been giving fans a preview of what K.A.B.O.S.H. would sound like, and with the Best Buy digital bonus track for All 6’s And 7’s, “Rock and Roll Nigga”, Tech once again has fans salivating for more. On this song, Tech explains the origins of his musical influences and how they mash up and make him the hybrid artist that Technicians have been rocking with for years as he states:

“Growing up it was a chore, cause I gravitated towards stuff the homies ignored
Like trippin off Bad Brains when on my skateboard, even more I named my gangsta rap label after The Doors.”

During his verses, Tech uses a mild yet aggressive delivery over an uptempo hip-hop/punk rock track while his vocals get amplified as he delivers an intimidating and electrifying hook:

“Cause I’m a rock and roll nigga
They don’t understand me
God naturally tanned me
You don’t like it I can be a nigga
Rockin 600 diamonds, black and white bitches cryin when they eyes hit this rock n roll nigga
And I ain’t changin, got my slipknot bangin and I
Swear to God I ain’t never ever giving up
Fried chicken wings and Coors Light nigga what?”

This track would be a great selection to experience at one of Tech’s live shows and certainly has the ability to get a mosh pit started among rockers and hip-hop heads alike.

The Best Buy Edition of All 6’s And 7’s which includes this song and two more bonus tracks, and a Strange Music medallion is now available at Best Buy stores everywhere.