Babies Getting Down to Tech N9ne, Which One Is Best? [POLL]

Jul 10 2011

As Technicians, we know that Tech N9ne’s music has reached millions all over the world. Teenagers are bangin’ Tech’s music. People in their mid-20s and beyond are listening to Tech N9ne. Heck, even the older generations are supporting Strange Music.

But babies? You better believe it. It seems as if Tech N9ne’s music is giving these little boys and girls the dancing bug, and why wouldn’t it? These little Technicians give us a lesson or two about how to enjoy music. Check out some of these cute and hilarious videos of toddlers getting down to Tech N9ne.

1. Baby Gets Down To Technicians in Car Seat

2. Baby gets down to Bout To Bubble

3. Baby dancing in kitchen to “Loud”

After viewing all three of these videos we want to know which one you thought was the best! Vote for your favorite video of babies dancing to Tech N9ne below!


Do you have a kid who loves Tech N9ne? Take a video, upload it to YouTube and your kid may be featured on the Tech N9ne blog!

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What did you think of these videos? Did they make you laugh? Let us know in the comment section below!