Tech N9ne: ‘I’ve Always Been A Major Artist’ [Interview]

Jul 4 2011

These days, it seems like “The Boogieman” is an apt title for the Kansas City King. The independent monster that no one could put a face to is finally breaking through and shaking up the music industry. In a recent interview with Denver Westword Blogs, Tech spoke on his experiences as an independent artist, and pointed out what the majors are missing:

“The majors even wanna know what we’re doing, but all they need to do is go back to the basics. You go in and record, and you hit the road. You wanna be the hip-hop president, you gotta go out there and politic. How do we do it? We’re touring. We make fans, we make fans that never go away. A lot of these major artist pop on the scene with their hit song that’s all over the radio because their label paid a bunch of money to put it there and then you see them do Summer Jam, and they’re reaching for another single.”

Tech also goes on to discuss the influx of new fans at his shows, the meaning behind All 6’s And 7’s, and some of the recent controversies surrounding his live performances. As Tech continues pushing forward on the All 6’s And 7’s Tour, he is defying the standards set by major record labels. Tech may not be signed to a major, but that hasn’t kept him from being a major artist.

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