Tech N9ne Talks Legalization [Interview]

Jul 12 2011

The success of All 6’s And 7’s has gained Tech N9ne recognition from nearly every corner of the media world. The big name guest features certainly didn’t hurt in creating a buzz for his latest album. Speaking to, Tech discussed his collaborations on All 6’s And 7’s, the sales of the album, and even his opinion on legalization of marijuana. On legalization, Tech said:

“If they legalize marijuana everywhere, we wouldn’t have the deficit problem we have. If they taxed it, everyone would be happy. It’s a no-brainer. The tax revenue alone should be enough of a reason for the government to legalize and regulate it already!”

Tech N9ne may no longer smoke, but it hasn’t kept him from supporting those that do. The brief interview is a great read for fans who may want to see a different side of the Tech N9ne experience.

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What do you think about Tech’s statement? Do you agree with him? What is your opinion on legalization? Leave your thoughts below!