Tech N9ne: ‘They Were Talking About Me Being A Cult Leader’ [Interview]

Jul 16 2011

Dating back to the days of Anghellic, Tech N9ne has always had to face harsh criticisms for his apperance on and off the stage. With a die hard fan base that may seem odd to outside circles, Tech N9ne quickly became a target for negative perceptions, like that of a devil worshipper or cult leader. In a brand new interview with, Tech opens up about the accusations thrown his way throughout the years. On being viewed as a devil worshipper, Tech says:

“Can you imagine being in a place early on where outside of Strangeland everybody calls you a devil worshiper or a cult leader and your own people — black people — are not even coming to your shows? So you do a Rock the Bells show in 2008, with Busta Rhymes, Nas, Damian Marley and Raekwon and everybody is commending you. I thought everybody thought I was a weirdo!”

Tech also goes on to discuss the worth behind Strange Music and the sudden interest shown from major labels. He speaks on Strange Music going major, but assures fans that no matter what happens, he will always remain 100% in control and continue to deliver powerful music. Even misconceptions from the public can’t keep Tech N9ne from rising to the top.

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