‘They Voted Me The Best Rapper’: Tech N9ne Speaks On The Love In Minneapolis

Jul 9 2011

There’s no denying that fans everywhere love Tech N9ne for his original music, but fans in Minneapolis seem to share a very special bond with the independent MC. Anticipating his return to the Twin Cities at the Epic Events Center on July 10, 2011, Tech shared some insight on how the fans in Minneapolis really let him know that they hold him in the highest of regards.

Thinking back to just a few years ago, Tech recalls:

“They voted me the best rapper on their radio station, I think two years in a row. Over Jay-Z, over Eminem, over Lil Wayne. I won. The Twin Cities has voted me the best rapper two years in a row I think, if I’m not mistaken. I even went up against people that are resident there, like Atmosphere. Me and Slug, and they still voted me. There’s an abundance of love, there in Minnesota man. In St. Paul, all of that. They really think I’m the best rapper. The thing that I think it is, when you think of what comes from there Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Prince, Morris Day, The Time…I think they just love good music in Minnesota, and we’re the epitome of good music, that’s what I think. I just think people up there really love good music man. We lucky enough to be the blessed ones to do beautiful music.”

Fans can show their love for good music in person when the All 6’s And 7s’ Tour lands in Minneapolis, MN at the Epic Events Center on July 10, 2011. Get your tickets and VIP packages, don’t miss out!