Ubiquitous Of CES CRU Talks Tech N9ne And Strange Music Deal [Interview]

Jul 20 2011

Thanks in part to CES Cru’s “Changes” music video, rumors of the Kansas City duo signing to Strange Music have been swirling for the last few weeks. Footage of CES Cru roaming the halls of the Strange Music headquarters sent fans into a frenzy as everyone wondered if they were indeed the newest acquisition by the independent giant.

In a new revealing interview with The Pitch Blogs, Ubiquitous of CES Cru clears up the details of just what is happening between the group and Strange Music. Ubi also explains the relationship CES shares with Tech N9ne. Speaking openly, he addresses the current situation:

“Well, there’s a consciousness. If you’re a Stranged-out person and watch all Tech’s videos, you know what’s up. So if you see us on there, you can put things together. By the way, we’re also in the same boat with Irv Da Phenom. He’s also not officially signed but has been talking with Strange.”

It looks as though fans may want to start welcoming CES Cru to the Strange Music family. Even if a deal is not in place, they are certainly sticking around.

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What do you think about the situation between CES CRU and Strange Music? Do you want them to sign with Strange Music? Let us know in the comments below!