‘Bout That’ [Song]

Aug 4 2011

Follow Me Home. Produced by Focus, the charged up production marches forward with heavy rolling percussion and even deeper synths. Like other West Coast bangers, the dark vibes strike a certain emotion that can only be described as dangerous. “Bout That” jumps off as one of the most abrasive cuts from Follow Me Home, and takes full advantage of Jay Rock’s aggressive nature early on Follow Me Home:

“Muthafucka I’ll be damned if a nigga don’t eat out here
slang crack, slang water, slang weed out here
slang pussy, slang meth, slang E out here
catch em at the light right before his car switch gears”

Like Watts’ answer to DMX, Jay Rock barks rhymes over the booming track that plays like Follow Me Home‘s warning shot. “Bout That” may just be the most hardcore showing on Jay Rock’s debut.

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“Bout That” was produced by Focus.