Fan Hangs Out With Tech N9ne And Makzilla On Google+ [Fan Feature]

Aug 22 2011

The close relationship between Tech N9ne and his fans continues to grow, and has now officially spilled over into the world of social media. Thanks to the popular “Hang Out” video chat feature from Google+, Tech N9ne has found a new way to connect with his loyal fans. The feature allows for people to chat in real time using a web cam. For one lucky fan, Tech’s most recent “Hang Out” session became a very special experience.

When Tech N9ne and Makzilla hit Google+ for a video chat “Hang Out” during an SM podcast, Britnee Goff logged on like many other fans to see and hear the two hosts. Things got a little more intimate for Britnee when she managed to catch the attention of both Tech and Mak, which as she explains, was not something she saw coming:

“I definitely did not expect to actually communicate with the artists. I saw on Twitter that they had a Google+ hangout previously, and I had missed that one. Then when I checked my Google+ account on that next Friday, they just happened to be having a hangout, so I kept trying to get in, and waited for a spot to open up. Once I got in, I enjoyed just listening to the radio show that they were doing; they seem like hilarious guys. After the show was over, I fully expected the hangout to immediately end, therefore I was shocked beyond belief when they waved and asked if anyone could see them. I waved back, which led them to provoke a conversation with me. I was absolutely floored– thrilled, really. It was a fantastic experience.”

Tech’s willingness to directly speak to his fans is something that has helped him maintain an extremely dedicated following. Like most Technicians, Britnee finds Tech’s humble nature to be a huge asset in his success, and her recent social networking experience seems to have solidified that thought:

“Talking directly to these two talented artists was an exciting event. Being a musician myself, it is always encouraging to have a down-to-earth conversation with someone who is already established in the industry, let alone someone of Tech N9ne’s stature. The fact that Tech cares enough about his fans to take time out of his day to interact with them (especially on something like an internet social networking site, where it would be easy to click out and save himself some time) is one of the many things that makes him a rare gem of an artist. I also believe that the way he interacts with his fans is why they remain so loyal; he acted as if he genuinely was interested in me and what I had to say. I barely even asked him any questions because he and Makzilla were initiating all of the conversation topics, which made me feel at ease and kept away any of the ‘star-struck’ scenarios in which I would have probably made a fool of myself. Overall, seeing a well-known, talented artist communicate with his fans on Google+ was encouraging and, for lack of a better term, completely awesome.”

With such a memorable one on one experience with Tech N9ne, Britnee shared her thoughts on the advantages of the Google+ “Hang Out” feature:

“Google+ is not something I check on a daily basis, as it is still in the beta stage and I do not have many friends who are using it. However, I love the hangout feature; I love that it can have up to 10 people in it at a time. I also feel that the quality of video is 10x better than that of Skype. On a more relevant note, I think it is a fantastic feature in that it provides a way for communication between fans and musicians. It is definitely a point in Google+’s favor.”

As the world of social media expands, Strange Music and Tech N9ne remain innovators in the unique art of connecting with fans worldwide. Britnee’s experience on Google+ is just one example of the many ways fans can reach Tech N9ne, and with such a successful outing, Tech is sure to be back on Google+ for his next “Hang Out” with fans.

Have you joined Google+ yet? Be sure to add Strange Music to your circles for your opportunity to chat with Tech N9ne next time he logs on to “Hang Out” with fans!