'I'm The One' [Song]

Aug 23 2011

Kutt Calhoun Red-Headed Stepchild EPExploding out of Red-Headed Stepchild, “I’m The One” smashes through with the force of a lyrical semi. Backed by Seven’s synth heavy production, the track overwhelms listeners with deep bass and snapping percussion. “I’m The One” gives Kutt room to lash out and spit with the intensity that fans have come to know him for. JL of B. Hood stops in for a tongue twisting verse that marks the strongest guest spot on the EP. Kutt doesn’t give anything up though, as he confidently rides through his verses:

“The lyrical Len Bias of this Strange Music organization
took the title of MVP, the industry’s most debated.”

Dubbed as the “one”, Kutt Calhoun takes complete control and forcefully marks his territory as the best. “I’m The One” is a fitting title for the Kansas City Chief as he ascends to his rightful spot in the music industry.

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