‘Just Like Me’ [Song]

Aug 1 2011

“Just Like Me”. Playing the roles of victim and criminal, Jay Rock takes listeners into the world of drugs, violence, and personal loss. Emotions run high as Jay Rock flows over a Terrace Martin production with J. Black providing the raw and soulful hook. The instrumentation heard on “Just Like Me” could be some of the best heard on the entire album, as piano notes overwhelm the music to create a sinister atmosphere backed by light cymbals and very subtle strings. The production alone provokes thoughts of grief and regret. Jay Rock then takes the lead as every word comes out more aggressive than the last:

“Channel nine, channel ‘leven, aimin’ nines, mac elevens
another baby for the reverend, another casket takin action,
in a matter of a second nothing matters when you reppin for your turf
hold it down, have heart, put in work”

Dramatic, painful, and sincerely honest, “Just Like Me” stands out as one of the most powerful stories told on Follow Me Home. When conmparisons between Jay Rock and West Coast legends are drawn, it’s tracks like this that are taken into consideration. Reaching out to fans and listeners everywhere, it’s clear that Jay Rock has a life lesson for all to learn.

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