‘They Be On It’ [Song]

Aug 2 2011

Follow Me Home over a slowed down production that takes its mean sound from pianos and distorted organs. As one of the few tracks on Follow Me Home to not be distinctly West Coast in origin, “They Be On It” gives Jay Rock room for experimentation.

Produced by Keith The Beast, “They Be On It” gives listeners a hint of the sound that made artists like Paul Wall and Slim Thug so popular. Throwing in the assist, Kendrick Lamar drops in for a smooth hook that plays off the slow ride music. Despite the chilled out production, Jay Rock’s verbal shots don’t let up one bit:

“Catch me in that fast lane, burners like I’m Max Payne
married to that money bitch, women want my last name
they be on my bumper mayne, screamin out O-M-G
O-I-B P-I-M-P 2 P-A-C that’s M-O-B”

Women, fast money, and even faster cars are the name of the game on “They Be On It”. A real look into the life of a hustler, Jay Rock gives listeners every bit of the good and bad life for “They Be On It”.

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