Four Artists We Wish Would Have Been On ‘All 6′s And 7′s’ [Editorial]

Aug 23 2011

Tech N9ne All 6's And 7'sFollowing the initial announcement of All 6’s And 7’s, it was quite clear that the album would be Tech N9ne’s biggest. Not just big in sound or marketing, but big as in filled with huge names and endorsements from the most recognizable names in the music industry today. Tech N9ne’s masterpiece would not be complete without the key players he sought to feature. From Lil Wayne to Deftones, Tech boldly went after the artists he had in mind from the beginning. By the time the dust settled, All 6’s And 7’s was a carefully crafted piece of music that resembled a schizophrenic painting more than it did a hip hop album. There was no denying the art and significance in the album. Even so, flipping through the twenty four track landscape of All 6’s And 7’s, it’s hard to not imagine or even hear certain missing voices on the album. While Tech N9ne may have packed the album with fitting guest spots, there a few missing MCs that come to mind. As it turns out, some of these artist were actually intended for All 6’s And 7’s, but did not make the cut due to timing or other constraints. This is a look at the MCs who should have been on All 6’s And 7’s.

XVXV- This Wichita native has perfected his own blend of clever and witty lyrics with enough pop culture references to satisfy any gamer or comic book fan.

Known in most circles as the “kid with the green backpack”, XV rose to fame through the release of numerous mixtapes and his extensive work with Michael “Seven” Summers, who also happens to be a main producer for Tech N9ne and Strange Music. In 2011, XV released his highly acclaimed Zero Heroes mixtape, which featured work with Patrick Stump, Pusha-T, Kendrick Lamar, Just Blaze, and J. Cole. Paving his own lane in the hip hop world, XV has captured the attention of listeners everywhere with some of the most original and creative concepts today.

Song“I Love Music” – The organic instrumentation was quite the departure from Tech N9ne’s signature sound, but it was a perfect mix that would have found XV in his comfort zone. Focused on lyricism, the track would have also featured XV and Kendrick Lamar going in for round two, which in all honesty, who can complain?

Nicki MinajNicki Minaj- Resurrecting the power of female MCs in mainstream hip hop, Nicki Minaj took the industry by storm with a slew of guest features and a best selling solo album in 2010. Armed with wacky accents, aggressive and sexually provocative lyrics, Nicki Minaj stamped her own mark with hip hop heads thanks to a show stealing verse on Kanye West’s “Monster”.

Proving to hold her weight with her male counterparts, Nicki Minaj has worked with hip hop heavyweights like Eminem, Ludacris, Jay-Z, and Kanye West. Her diversity shines through as she blurs the line between MC and pop star, making her one of the most recognizable names in music today. Feuds with other female MCs have only elevated her status, as she dominates nearly every inch of the market.

Song“Pornographic”– Tech N9ne actually intended to reach out to Nicki for this track, and we couldn’t agree more. The raunchy and over the top sex fueled concept would have set the stage for another memorable verse from Nicki Minaj that would have been nothing short of X-rated. After all, a female perspective would have played well against the testosterone driven verses from Tech, E-40, and Snoop.

EminemEminem- Recently named the “King Of Hip Hop” by Rolling Stone magazine, the Detroit MC is arguably one of the best to ever do it.

After rising to fame in the late 90’s, Eminem went on to become one of the highest selling artists in the last decade. With Dr. Dre at his side, the man known as Slim Shady has held ten different #1 albums and accumulated thirteen Grammy awards. Praised for his raw lyricism, the MC has shown growth and maturity in recent times with hits like “Love The Way You Lie” and “Space Bound”. Known for his absolutely stunning guest features, Eminem continues to be one of the most sought after MCs in hip hop.

Our Pick“So Lonely” – The now infamous coveted collab that manages to keep escaping Tech was finally slated for All 6’s And 7’s. “So Lonely”, an ode to being so great that there is no one near you, was Tech’s perfect vision for an Eminem feature. Unfortunately, timing was not on Tech’s side, and he would again go without Em’s presence. With Eminem’s confident and next level lyricism, it’s hard to imagine him on any other track. Tech N9ne was right on the mark with “So Lonely”, and even though Blind Fury had a great showing on the track, everything about it just screams Eminem.

Kanye WestKanye West- Hated and loved for who he is, there is just no denying the immense talent behind Kanye West. As one of the most influential producers of the last decade, his music has been found on classic albums from Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Nas, and Lupe Fiasco. As an MC, Kanye has released five platinum albums and been awarded fourteen grammys for his various works. Controversial and brash, the Chicago MC continues to push the limits of music and reinvent himself, becoming an icon in nearly all facets of pop culture. His most recent collaborative effort with Jay-Z, Watch The Throne, broke iTunes sales records, demonstrating the impact Kanye West still has.

Our Pick“Love Me Tomorrow”– As fate would have it, Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy ended up being a heavy influence on Tech during the making of All 6’s And 7’s. To have Kanye on the album would have been all too perfect. Apologetic and yet defiant in its meaning, there is no question as to the endless material Kanye could draw from for such a track. Criticized for nearly everything he does, the title says it all.

-Victor Sandoval, Assistant Editor Strange Music

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