Fan’s Custom T-Shirt Designs Win Over Technicians [Fan Feature]

Aug 23 2011

Tech N9ne Custom Art By Chris NoguesWith so much diversity on Strange Music, it’s easy to see why fans are drawn to the talented individuals that make up the label’s roster. Tech N9ne’s music alone is enough to inspire just about anyone to follow their passion and pursure their dream. For some fans, this includes expressing themselves through art inspired by the Kansas City MC. Chris Nogues from La Quinta, CA has taken this a motivation to design his own brand of Strange Music and Tech N9ne t-shirts that have been a huge hit with fans and even Tech N9ne himself. Like many Technicians, Chris was initially drawn to Tech N9ne’s music because of the sincerity and honesty Tech expressed:

“The first time I heard Tech N9ne was back in 2001 when I was in 8th grade. I remember listening to ‘This Ring’ and I was blown away by the way he rhymed and expressed himself because it was unlike any other artist at the time or even now. Tech talks about life and personal struggles that a lot of us can relate to and gives you somewhat more of a personal connection through his music. Unlike most garbage you hear today on the radio mainly talking about how much money they got, drugs they move or try to make up a dance for their 15 minutes of fame, when REAL music is much more than that. When my sister & I met Tech, Kaliko, Kutt and the rest of the Strange Music crew in Vegas it was a really great experience just talking and hanging out with them. They were all really cool, humble and took time to meet fans which many other artist never do, and that’s why I think fans are so loyal to him. I see Tech as a positive influence because through all the obstacles he had to overcome, and people saying he wouldn’t make it, he still managed to be successful through something positive like music. He’s an example that as long as you’re true to yourself and strive for what you believe in, no matter how bad things are going or low you feel at times, you can also live your dreams. Therefore, Techn9cian I am!”

That love for Tech N9ne’s music eventually led to Chris trying his hand at some Strange Music artwork. Chris explains how it is that he began designing and selling his own t-shirts:

“My parents taught me how to draw since I was little and I always liked doing work with lots of detail. I’ve been designing shirts for school events, companies and a few Djs when I was in middle school, but a couple years ago is when I started making my own shirts by hand and started selling them to people for raves and other occasions. I recently started using airbrush and am working on maybe doing screen printing at home, but I like doing things by hand. I drew a couple collages of the Strange Music crew for when we were going to meet them and they were all impressed when they were signing them. When Tech saw the ‘Techn9cian’ shirts I made he said he really liked my designs so I started making different shirts and drawing posters and putting them online. Fans from all over have been contacting me for artwork and shirts, hopefully someday I can do some work for Strange Music because I have a lot of ideas that I know all Techn9cians will love.”

Between his collages and custom shirts, Chris has kept himself busy expanding his work. He hopes to one day work directly with Strange Music and help design the merchandise that fans love so much. With a sharp eye for custom clothing, Chris should have no problem reaching his goals through his artwork. Chris is another fantastic example of how talented Strange Music fans can be, and how successful you can be when you take things into your own hands.

Check out some of Chris’ custom artwork-

Tech N9ne Custom Art By Chris NoguesTech N9ne Custom Art By Chris NoguesTech N9ne Custom Art By Chris Nogues

What do you think about Chris’ custom work? Would you ever like to see him design shirts for Strange Music? Leave your thoughts below!