Fan’s Unforgettable Tour Experience [Fan Feature]

Aug 14 2011

Tech N9ne Fan Penny WoodallThe Tech N9ne concert experience is one of the most amazing things fans can witness. The excitement, the pageantry, and the overall insanity of Strange Music’s tours make for one of a kind memories that some fans choose to experience over and over again. For Penny Woodall, this included attenting multiple stops on the All 6’s And 7’s Tour. As she told us in her own words, her choice to see Tech N9ne so many times on this tour stems back to her admiration for Strange Music:

“The last show I went to was the show at Pops last Saturday in E. St. Louis and it was the 21st show I have been to (I went to 4 shows in two states on the 6sand7s tour). I have been to two VIP’s none this tour, choose to go to more shows then just a VIP.

To me, Strange Music is an amazing label who seems to care more about the fans than the fame or money, which really means more then anything to those who support it. I see the relationship as more of a friendship than just a consumer and a customer. They put their all into making an experience that us as fans will appreciate and remember and there for gives us the motivation to do the same for them by supporting in anyway possible. It’s a give and take relationship that Strange Music has truly found the perfect way to sell.”

Having been to so many Tech N9ne concerts, Penny reviewed her latest experience on the All 6’s And 7’s Tour from the most important perspective, that of the fans:

“The best part of going to a Tech N9ne concert is not just getting to see your favorite artist. Instead the show becomes much more then that, whether it is your first show or your 20th show you can always expect new surprises and for the veterans a lot of the original stuff that got you hooked in the first place. With new music constantly flowing from all of the artist within Strange Music you can’t help but get excited hearing just the few verses being shared. It’s also a time to hear artist that have just joined the team and truly get a feel of what they plan to bring to the table. Having the opportunity to go to a meet and greet before the show is also a huge bonus. It Gives you that extra personal time with the artists, something no other label offers when they send talent out on the road.

Now with all the things listed here so far it seems like there wouldn’t be much more to offer but there is….the artists signed to Strange Music are very down to earth, humble and just a blast to be around!! The All 6s and 7s tour gave fans the chance to learn that each night. After each of the artists completed their set they proceeded to make their way to the merch booth and sign CDs or shirts that had been purchased and even pose for a few pictures. They go out of their way to talk to fans and make the experience special to each fan in a different way by making the situation personal.

Knowing all that, What more could you ask for??

Well…after you consider that among all this you are also getting an amazing show from Stevie Stone, an unforgettable set from ¡MAYDAY!, a hype performance from Jay Rock (backflips included), an exceptional display of skill from Kutt Calhoun, and a tremendous appearance by Krizz Kaliko who never seems to quit moving his entire set!! Oh and then you have to remember that Tech N9ne himself will still be hitting the stage with his one and only first class-over the top-hellacious Soiree!! Yeah that’s what a Tech show is all about…one giant Party! So if you haven’t been to a show yet or it’s been awhile make sure you don’t miss the next one because it’s never the same old boring show”

Much like Penny, fans everywhere choose to relive the Tech N9ne experience over and over. The All 6’s And 7’s Tour saw Strange Music hit every major city in the country for what seemed like an endless amount of sold out shows. If it wasn’t for fans like Penny, a lot of that would have never been possible. Now that the All 6’s And 7’s Tour is in the books, fans can look forward to the next time Tech N9ne invades stages across the country.

Did you attend more than one stop on the All 6’s And 7’s Tour? What did you think of Penny’s experience? Let us know in the comments below!