Old School Footage of Tech N9ne Performing ‘Who You Came To See’ [Video]

Aug 31 2011

Tech N9neFor those who are just now discovering all that is Tech N9ne, you have to know that the Kansas City native has been in the rap game for years. Not only has his music changed over the years but his appearance has as well.

While his infamous face paint remains visible for every show, one might notice the red hair that Tech N9ne used to rock back in the day. On his DVD, Tech N9ne: The Psychumentary, he stated that the reason he had to leave the old look behind was because the dye was making his hair fall out.

For those of you who are new to Strangeland, the song he is performing here is “Who You Came To See” off of arguably one of his greatest albums, Anghellic.

Watch here as he rocks the stage just like he continues to do today.

Takes you back a few years, doesn’t it?

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