Tech N9ne Talks Meeting With Lil Wayne In Kansas City [SM Exclusive]

Aug 29 2011

Tech N9ne And Lil Wayne Inside Strange Music HQWhen Lil Wayne rolled through Kansas City on his “I Am Still Music” Tour, not many could have predicted the events that would follow. During his packed performance at the Sprint Center in downtown Kansas City, Wayne stunned the thousands in attendance by bringing out the hometown hero Tech N9ne. In a show of respect to Tech and Kansas City, Wayne thanked Tech N9ne for visting him at Riker’s Island and confirmed his appearance on Tha Carter IV. A day later, Lil Wayne and Young Money would step through the doors of the Strange Music compound in Lee’s Summit for a friendly visit that included a celebratory dinner. On the day Young Money would be visiting Strange Music, we spoke with Tech N9ne and asked him to provide his insight on the now famous meeting. As we would learn, Tech N9ne was not the only one excited about Weezy’s stop in Kansas City.

Did he call you and tell you “I’m going to be in town”, or how did that all work out?

I was on tour and somebody told me he was going to be in my town like on the twenty-something. So I text him, I got his number under a weird name in my phone, I said, “I heard you gonna be in my town on the twenty-something.” I was on my way to The Gathering Of The Juggalos, that was that Saturday, I was on my way there. I said, “You wanna hook up? I’ll be in town, I just got off tour, I’ll be in town. You wanna get some Kansas City barbeque?” He hit me back within two seconds, “HELL YEAH”, in caps. I said, “Ok, let me know, we gotta touch down”, he said, “Bet.” So, I guess in St. Louis, the day before the show here, he busted his eye open. I guess that’s why they had to stay in St. Louis for something, I don’t know. They got here late yesterday, so they said we couldn’t do the barbeque. So they were going to stay a day after, on their off day. So, we can do it today, and we’re going to do it today.

Real dope man, he brought me out on stage, that motherfucker erupted. It was the loudest, I haven’t heard something like that in a long time. I could feel shit shaking it was so loud, for a long time. It was a lot of love in the town, a lot of love. It was the kind of thing to where people feel like they’ve been raising this baby for so long and now it’s grown up. You know what I’m saying, happy. It felt like I was winning a Grammy. It felt like I had just graduated high school, you know what I’m saying. Something like that and everybody was happy because they knew it was hard for me.

Where are you going to take him?

I think they had Gates last night, so it’s going to be Jack Stack today. Yeah, it’s going to be Jack Stack because they had Gates. Keri Hilson had Gates also, they sent the rest of their Gates to my house. I don’t know how it got my house from Keri Hilson. “Keri Hilson sho look good, taste good too punk.” So yeah, I think they had Gates yesterday, I know Gates catered something.

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