Technician In The U.S. Army [Fan Feature]

Aug 30 2011

The Pledge of a Technician means a lot to Strange Music listeners and has become a pact of unity for those who may call themselves Strangers. Away from the MP3 players and concerts are many Technicians who are serving our country in the U.S. Military. All over the globe, Strange Music banners, flags, C.D.’s, and tattoos can be seen across enemy lines and underneath the uniform of the men and women protecting the freedom of our country. Jason Brown is one of the men who not only took the pledge to be a technician, but made an oath to serve our country in the United States Army.

Strange Music has helped Jason through a lot in his life and continues to inspire him throughout his journey of personal growth. Before serving our country he reached a harsh pivotal point in his life that had taken him to a dark place. Strange Music helped lift Jason out of his rut and see better times ahead, as he put it,

“Tech saved me. I was in a bad way and just didn’t know what to do with myself, I slipped into a hole. I hadn’t been home in a long time; I was having problems at work and in my personal life. I was pretty sure that my life was good and done. Suicide letters kept playing in my head, and I knew I had too much around me to do anything. On top of that, I got the K.O.D live in KC concert DVD and it had been almost four years since I saw Tech in person. Within minutes of watching it, I was great. I remembered what life was supposed to be about. Being happy, being up. Have your down moments, but don’t let it take you away. I woke up the next day to go to work with only one thought. ‘Eat, Drink, and be merry, tomorrow you may die.’ after that it seemed everything seemed to get better for me, slowly but surely.”

Since that painful time, Jason has served three and a half years so far with another four once his current duty is fulfilled. Recently he was able to see Tech N9ne in concert again:

I got to go to the All 6’s & 7’s tour. It was my first show since I got in the army, it was amazing. It was just in time for the album to come out right with the concert. It was the best concert I’ve seen ever.”

Currently stationed in Germany, Jason has continued to express his love for strange music and follows the label closely. From day to day the music proves to be a soundtrack for his life. When asked how listening to Strange Music made him feel he replied,

”…Tech’s music had always found a way into making me find the emotion I need at that time.”

As most listeners know, the lyricists on Strange Music have a way with words that reach out across the globe. From America to Germany and beyond, the impact and movement of Strange Music are undeniable. Jason Brown is a chief example of a man dedicated to two amazing causes.

As a virtuous Technician and U.S. Soldier, he has pledged to both causes “…wholeheartedly, in life and in death.”

– Written By Shianne Lenhof