Throwback: Tech N9ne “Why You Ain’t Call Me” [Editorial]

Aug 31 2011

While the list of throwback Tech N9ne songs is a mile long, one is certainly standing out at the moment.

As Tech N9ne has been watching the mainstream come to him and collaborating with some of hip hop’s best rappers, Tech is showing the world that he can hang with anyone in the rap game. When asked about his booming success, Tech N9ne will usually note the shout out he received from Lil Wayne saying he wanted to work with the Kansas City native.

Needless to say, other artists caught on quickly as to why Lil Wayne made such a request.

A few years prior, Tech made a song which called out mainstream rappers for not collaborating with him. The song is called “Why You Ain’t Call Me” from his 2008 album, Killer.

In this song, Tech speaks about how there is no doubt in his mind that other rappers know who he is and how hard he can spit. He calls out multiple artists for not showing him love while giving props to those who had worked with him as an underground king.

“You know I’m the hardest, you know that my art is applauded,
Why you ain’t call me?
You sleep on my music and it’s a damn shame ’cause I slam my bang”

Tech also makes it clear that he doesn’t mean any hate with the song, saying:

“This ain’t no hate mail, this a love letter,
I love you n***as music and I hope it does better,
I just wish you would have hit a brother that loves cheddar,
but I’m ballin’ now and I’m better than I was ever.”

Like Tech says in the song, a closed mouth don’t get fed if it stays shut. His hard work and persistence caught the attention of some of hip-hops greatest artists and this is only the beginning.

Do you think this song was a reason that Lil Wayne gave Tech N9ne a shout out wanting to collaborate? It’s certainly a thought, but beyond the meaning of the song it’s definitely a fan favorite off of Killer.

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– Kip Reiserer

Strange Music Blog Contributor

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