Violent J Of ICP Speaks On Recording Side Project With Tech N9ne [SM Exclusive]

Aug 12 2011

Violent J Of Insane Clown Posse on Tech N9ne12th Annual Gathering Of The Juggalos. Among the topics Violent J discussed with us were The Gathering and Tech N9ne’s impact on the Juggalo community. Speaking openly, Violent J also reflected on touring with Tech N9ne and his desire to one day collaborate again or even record an entire side project with the Kansas City King.

Looking back at the Wicked Wonka Tour, Violent J recalled how Tech N9ne carved his own spot on the tour and found his way into the Juggalo fan base:

“It was his freshness that did it. There’s been fifty million bands that have been on tour with us, not all of them are huge Juggalo sensations like Tech. Tech N9ne’s awesomeness did that. It was Tech N9ne getting out there and winning everybody over that did that. It wasn’t anything that we said or did. He was making noise back then. He was making a lot of noise back then, which is why we reached out to him. People wanted to see the best there. It wasn’t anything we said or did that put him on with Juggalos. He put himself on with Juggalos.”

Of course the success of the tour would later lead to Tech N9ne and Insane Clown Posse collaborating. Although he remains proud of the collaboration, Violent J wishes it could have gone better:

“We did a song together, and I feel like we could have really put it down harder. There’s nothing wrong with what anybody did on that song, but I just feel like overall we could have done a better song. I like the song we did, but I feel like we could really grand slam it and knock it out of the park. I’ve been waiting to get a bomb ass track together and a bomb ass song and we’ll collab again. I know a lot of Juggalos would love to hear another collabo from us.”

A single track is not all Violent J is looking for though, as he went on to openly discuss the possibility of revisiting the idea of a side project with Tech N9ne:

“I want to really sit down and do something man. Another thing I talked to him about way in the past, I don’t know if he would be interested anymore, but back in the day we used to talk about doing a group together. If we did some fresh project together, like an album of a side project, that shit would be dope for the underground. People would love that shit. Go somewhere for a month and bang out an album together. Maybe us, Tech, and somebody else. Do a side project somewhere. Juggalos would love that and I would love that. It would just be dope and maybe we could get something like that poppin’ off one day.”

With Tech N9ne once again hitting the main stage at The Gathering this year, there is no telling what could happen. There is no doubt that Juggalos have gravitated to Tech’s music, and with a mutual respect, he and the Insane Clown Posse could one day come together for another great collaboration.

-Victor Sandoval, Assistant Editor Strange Music

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