Big Scoob’s Top 5 Guest Features On Strange Music

Sep 8 2011

Big Scoob

With a growl and a demeanor that would scare most grown men, Big Scoob delivers verses like a true veteran of the rap game. His witty and often humorous words are just part of the reason he is so consistent on guest features. Even before his debut album, Monsterifik, Scoob always found himself dropping gutta slang on some of Strange Music’s most popular releases.

Now as fans anticipate the release of his latest EP, No Filter, Big Scoob’s heavyweight presence is more dominant than ever. Very little MCs can be labeled as guest feature killers, but Big Scoob has honed his craft and earned the title of as one of the best guest feature artists on Strange Music. This is a look back at the Top 5 guest features from Big Scoob on Strange Music.

5) “Asshole”– Tech N9ne Featuring Big Scoob And Krizz Kaliko
Produced by David Sanders II, “Asshole” finds Big Scoob right in his comfort zone as he takes full advantage of his charisma and penchant for knocking on other MCs. Sounding more like a street thug, Scoob makes it clear that he has little respect for anything or anyone. He says it all with :

” I’m disrespectful, gives a fuck about your hip hop
I’m tryin to eat you niggas meat, I’m coming for your spot”

4) “Charlie Sheen” – Kutt Calhoun Featuring Big Scoob
Straight from Kutt Calhoun’s Red-Headed Stepchild, “Charlie Sheen” saw Kutty and Scoob joining forces for this summer party anthem. Rhyming with high energy and hunger in his voice, Scoob hit the track hard and never let up. Throwing his weight around, Scoob lays out his street cred and warns others about messing with his “Charlie Sheen”.

3) Sorry N’ Shit” – Tech N9ne Featuring 57th Street Rogue Dog Villains
Matic Lee provided the backdrop for this over the top anthem that has becomes one of the biggest hits on any Strange Music release. Reuniting for another one, the 57th Street Rogue Dog Villains joined Tech N9ne for this hilarious and absolutely wild banger. Scoob kicked it off with one of his smoothest deliveries and once again came through with his gutta vibe. With the MCs once again riding together, “Sorry N’ Shit” was a great throwback for old school fans looking to relive the days of KC rap.

2) Dysfunctional” – Tech N9ne Featuring Big Scoob And Krizz Kaliko
Painful and full of sorrow, “Dysfunctional” gave Tech, Scoob, and Kaliko an outlet for their stress, anxiety, and fears. Produced by Matic Lee, the track set the stage for one of Big Scoob’s strongest verses, on his or any other album. With a touch of frustration and complete sincerity, Scoob expressed his troubles:

“I write these songs but don’t belong, I’m on some other shit
I’m huntin leads in desperate need, I hope it’s comin quick”

1) “2 Piece” – Tech N9ne Featuring Big Scoob, Joe Vertigo, And Krizz Kaliko
Big Scoob came in swinging for this rugged posse cut. Jumping off the track with the first verse, Scoob flowed and bounced over the percussion heavy production. With adrenaline and a fast paced delivery, Big Scoob popped off on syllables like a seasoned wordsmith. With his deal on Strange Music not yet in place, Scoob demonstrated the kind of lyrical skill he was capable of.

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-Victor Sandoval, Assistant Editor Strange Music

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