CONTROVERSY: What Will Big Scoob Say On ‘No Filter’?

Sep 10 2011

Big Scoob - No Filter

Big Scoob comes back swinging on his new EP, No Filter. Powered by tracks like “Torn” and “If You Only Knew”, the EP promises to deliver a hard dose of truth and little sugar coating. Big Scoob has always been known to speak his mind no matter the place or time. With some time away from the spotlight, fans have wondered what might be going through Scoob’s mind. Could he be unhappy with the fans? Or is he unhappy with label mates? What will he address on No Filter?

Fans may recall that Kutt Calhoun’s Red-Headed Stepchild was also surrounded by speculation regarding the title and theme. Could Big Scoob be following in Kutt Calhoun’s footsteps? Big Scoob has expressed his frustration in past interviews and has made no secret of his struggles within the music industry. Big Scoob is obviously fed up with some aspects of the rap game, but how far does that frustration reach? The EP is named No Filter and that is exactly what Big Scoob is coming with – no filter, no apologies.

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What do you think Big Scoob will say on No Filter? Could he take shots at somebody? Leave your thoughts below!