'No Filter': Big Scoob's Last Words? [Editorial]

Sep 26 2011

Big Scoob - No FilterNo Filter. The phrase implies a lack of consideration and is usually linked to an individual with no social skills or ability to think before they speak. What happens though, when someone takes this habit and consciously uses it to express their real feelings?

Some would probably categorize that action as negative or irresponsible. Try telling that to Big Scoob, who quite frankly doesn’t give a damn about what anyone thinks. The rough and rugged Kansas City heavyweight recently released his latest EP, No Filter. Marketed as Scoob’s “no holds barred” project, the EP turned out to be just as sinister as originally thought. Big Scoob really didn’t hold back. The bitterness, the anger, the resentment, it’s all there. Big Scoob’s concerns and fears are front and center on No Filter.

What is even more shocking than the words themselves are the story they tell. The story of a man who has pretty much run into a brick wall that he can’t break through or overcome. It’s no secret that Big Scoob has been largely absent for the last few months. No appearance on tour, not a single tweet, not even a candid photo of the man that fans have come to love for his crazy antics. Nothing. Big Scoob might as well be a ghost to the Strange Music world. Irv Da Phenom recently weighed in on the situation and when pressed for an answer could only reply with, “He’s back in the cut.”

A few listens to No Filter, and it becomes alarmingly questionable – is Big Scoob calling for the end? The EP opens on the thought provoking “No Filter”, which sums up the general vibe of the release. Big Scoob simply does not care for other people’s opinions and feels the need to vent. Unlike similar tracks on past releases, Scoob really digs deep on this one and gives listeners an uncensored glimpse into his mind. By the time “If You Only Knew” comes around to close the EP, Scoob has left nothing behind. Irv’s comment on Scoob’s whereabouts begins to make sense. The streets are calling to Big Scoob, something he has expressed before during a revealing interview. Could Scoob’s struggle have finally gotten the best of him? No Filter certainly sounds like the last words of an MC who has decided to step away from the spotlight. The question is, will it stick?

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-Victor Sandoval, Assistant Editor Strange Music

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