No Chaser And ‘No Filter’ [EP Review]

Sep 25 2011

Big Scoob - No FilterNo Filter.

Scoob wastes no time letting the listener know exactly what they can expect to hear on this EP, showing that he has no restrictions with the laid back but bold title track “No Filter”. Subtle and explosive all at the same time, this first shot of raw honesty may leave listeners shocked. In the opening words of the song, Scoob provides a definition as to what No Filter means as a whole as he states:

“The definition of No Filter is I say what the f**k I wanna say when I wanna say it. No matter who’s listenin’?”

The tone on No Filter lightens up a little bit as the EP continues on with tracks such as the amped up “Sloppy” featuring BG Bulletwound and fellow Strange Music emcee Kutt Calhoun as they explain in detail what their behavior in the club can be like depending on the circumstances and the new street anthem “Soil Muzik”,where Scoob samples a few lines from his very popular single “All I Kno Is Hood” and serves it up as the songs repetitive and infectious hook:

“Rap game nothin’ but flames, I got that oil, gang bang reppin’ the name, I’m from the soil
Rap game nothin’ but flames, I got that oil, gutta butta seepin’ and leakin’ like I’m a boil.”

Scoob is careful not to stray away from the theme of the EP as he gets personal with “If You Only Knew” featuring Irv Da Phenom, expressing some of the hardships they face and the reasons why they keep on hustling and moving forward in music and in life. But Scoob shows his ability to grab a person’s ear with the deep and honest track “Torn”. The stand out song on No Filter which displays Scoob’s conflict and struggle within as he questions which path in life should he pursuing.

Overall No Filter is a smash mouth, no holds barred EP that feels human and authentic at the same time, showing that being straightforward and speaking your mind is not always a bad thing.

-Anthony Barker Jr., Strange Music Blog Contributor

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