‘No Filter’ [Song]

Sep 20 2011

Big Scoob - No FilterNo Filter.

The title track, produced by Boogie Man, finds Big Scoob in top form as he laces the melodic and bass heavy production. With resentment in his voice, Scoob calmly flows and picks apart the many individuals that he feels deserve to be called out. His tone is serious and his words are sharp. With no regard for what anybody thinks, Scoob opens up his mind and lets listeners step into his world, where nothing comes with a filter. “No Filter” hits heavy as Scoob battles with his tendency to say the wrong thing at the wrong time. As he says though, he’s just being himself:

“I ain’t never been one to bite my tongue
I say the very first thing I’m thinkin’ just for fun
I call it whiskey thoughts, the thoughts that whiskey bought
if that’s the way I feel, then that’s what I’ma talk”

It’s hard to argue with the big fella, even when he’s walking a dangerous line between being honest and being insulting. This is the Big Scoob that fans have come to know, and with No Filter, he’s stepping out of the cage.

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