‘Sloppy’ [Song]

Sep 21 2011

Big Scoob - No Filter“Sloppy” slaps hard with some low piano and well placed organs to match the absurdity that occurs when Big Scoob, Kutt Calhoun, and BG Bulletwound get together.

The three MCs drop one for the alcoholics of the world as they head out and cause drunken mayhem. Kutt Calhoun swoops in with an exceptional verse that kicks off the Boogie Man production. BG Bulletwound follows it up with his own witty and charismatic delivery, putting his trademark rugged flow to work. The melodic piano will have listeners’ heads nodding as it paves the way for Big Scoob to step up and close out the new anthem with lines like:

“Ball cap, white tee, with my J’s on
they let me in, they know I spend til my money gone
my pockets healthy young and wealthy so I buy the bar
before the rap game came boy, I been a star”

Brace for impact because the hangover to follow from “Sloppy” will be one to remember. Big Scoob’s personality shines through and pushes “Sloppy” as a major hit on No Filter.

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