'Soil Muzik' [Song]

Sep 22 2011

Big Scoob - No Filter“All I Kno Is Hood” and turns it into a new street anthem that only Scoob could deliver.

Boogie Man covers the production on this extremely synth driven gutter beat that knocks with a bell reminiscent of Sir Mix A Lot’s “Posse On Broadway”. The back and forth smashes of the music give Scoob the perfect rhythm to flow with swagger and execute a meaner, faster delivery. Once again, Scoob holds nothing back and does it strictly for the streets. Unlike a lot of No Filter, “Soil Muzik” finds Scoob pushing his weight around and bragging like a true veteran of the hood. On one vicious exchange, Scoob spits:

“Product of these gritty streets, told ya I’m a fucking beast
the realest that you’ll ever meet, meaning every word I speak
lil nigga have a seat, shut your mouth I’m tryin to teach
class is in for the week, about to show you how to eat”

“Soil Muzik” is the perfect name for this raw and rugged street single that will give fans everywhere something to ride to. Big Scoob takes it back to his roots and proves that gangsta rap is far from dead. It’s just a matter of hustle.

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