‘Torn’ [Song]

Sep 23 2011

Big Scoob - No Filter“Torn”.

Faced with the temptations of the street life and hustling, Scoob finds himself giving in to his old life in order to feed his family. This is not the first time Scoob has addressed the issue, but on “Torn” he speaks on the matter like never before. “Torn” serves as a reminder to the fans from Scoob that not everything is easy and sometimes, hustling pays more than the rap game. Boogie Man provides the deep bass and sharp strings on this production. A clear moment of truth comes in when Scoob spits:

“Plus ya’ll probably thinking that I’m living out my dreams
just remember everything ain’t always what it seems
can’t believe what you hear and only half of what you see
so listen to my lyrics, the message is the clearest”

Perhaps the most sincere moment on No Filter, “Torn” is both controversial and emotional. Fans may finally get a full view into Big Scoob’s world as he lays it all out.

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