Wrekonize Speaks On The ¡Mayday! Sizzle Reel [SM Exclusive]

Sep 27 2011

Wrekonize Speaks On The ¡Mayday! Sizzle Reel

While ¡Mayday! continues to stay tucked away in the studio, Wrekonize recently took a moment away from the recording process to speak to us about the recently released ¡Mayday! Sizzle Reel. Intended to show off the very best of ¡Mayday!, the video package features highlights from their time on Tech N9ne’s All 6’s And 7’s Tour. Like watching an explosion right before your eyes, the Sizzle Reel brings fans a glimpse of what they can expect from a live ¡Mayday!performance. Proud of the end result, Wrekonize shared his thoughts on the video and opened up about the process behind it.

What can you tell me about the Sizzle Reel?

It was Strange’s idea. They wanted something to shop around to promoters and to kind of show people what we do. Kind of give a vibe of what the live show is like, even though it’s hard to capture on film. They kind of wanted something to be able to show people what our show entails.

How much input did you have on the final product?

We’re super hands on. Liquid 9 cut it, but we sent them a bunch of footage that we had, that we took from the road. We went back and forth a couple of times, and I was real happy with the way it came out.

What do you hope the Sizzle Reel will accomplish?

I’m kind of hoping that it gives at least a 25% notion of what a Mayday show is like. It gives kind of like a small feeling of the kind of energy that we bring and the range of songs that we do in the show. Give at least a small idea for someone who has never been to a Mayday show.

Check out the ¡Mayday! Sizzle Reel below!