Brotha Lynch Hung Revives A Classic On ‘Preserved’

Sep 26 2011

Brotha Lynch Hung Appears On Young Bleed's PreservedAs one of the originators of the horror rap sound, Brotha Lynch Hung redefined what it meant to be a West Coast MC. His sadistic and murderous lyrics surrounded his music in controversy and spawned a career that has lasted twenty years.

With a debut release in 1993, Brotha Lynch Hung kick started his career in the Sacramento area, and introduced a new sound to hip hop. The debut EP, 24 Deep, would go on to have moderate success on the charts and gave Lynch the proper platform to pursue a career in music. His music quickly became notorious for its constant use of explicit lyrics that included themes of murder, rape, abortion, and even cannibalism. Like the horror movies that inspired him, Brotha Lynch Hung built a cult like following that could not get enough of his music.

Throughout the 90’s, Lynch continued to release music, with much of it reaching national success. It was his rebellious attitude and creative freedom that allowed him to escape mainstream restrictions, thus earning him the respect of fans and critics alike. In 2010, Brotha Lynch Hung shocked fans everywhere when he officially signed with Tech N9ne’s Strange Music label. The signing made waves throughout the industry and would see the beginning of Lynch’s Coathanga Strangla trilogy. Always innovative, Lynch was out to reinvent himself and create a series of critically acclaimed releases on Strange Music.

Still one of the most recognized names on Strange Music, Brotha Lynch Hung now lends his twisted talents to Young Bleed’s Preserved on “How Yo Do Dat Again”. The remake of Bleed’s 1997 hit, “How You Do That”, features Brotha Lynch Hung and Tech N9ne in an updated production of the track. For “How You Do Dat Again” Lynch leaves behind the serial killer mentality and instead lays down an impressive guest feature that has him reaching back into his lyrical arsenal. The collaboration stands as a demonstration of the amount of talent contained within Strange Music. “How You Do Dat Again” gives Young Bleed his first Strange Music posse cut, and with some help from Brotha Lynch Hung, has the potential to be a smash single for Preserved. The West Coast and South meet for a clashing of styles that results in a new classic for Young Bleed.

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Young Bleed-Preserved