Dessert Gets A Little Strange [Fan Feature]

Sep 22 2011

Strange Music Cookies

As Strangeland continues to expand into popular culture, it’s fair to argue that the official snake and bat logo is becoming one of the most recognizable images in music. The logo stands as the official seal of Strange Music and also serves as a representation of the original and different music that the label has been known for. Fans everywhere have become attached to the logo over the years and use it to show off their dedication and loyalty to Strange Music. Everything from cars to clothing gets the custom snake and bat treatment from fans, but one couple took it to a new place: cookies.

Keith Gallo and his wife, Abby, recently celebrated their fourth anniversary together. As Keith explained, Abby wanted to do something unique for the anniversary:

“My Wife Abby had them made at a local bakery. It was all her idea. She had them made as a gift to me for our 4 year wedding anniversary. My Wife showed them a picture of the snake and bat.”

Like most fans, Keith takes any opportunity to represent for Strange Music. His pride for the label has found its way into every facet of his life:

“To me Strange Music is not only the number 1 independant rap label in the world, but more like a way of life. I always find a way to rep Strange in any way possible. I have a big 12” Strange Music decal that I made in the back window of my car and on both side back windows. I have a large 1 gallon pitcher that I use for Caribou Lou that has the Strange Music logo on it. I always play Strange Music at all of my parties and in the car constantly. I have turned everyone I know into technicians. My Wife, my Brothers, all my friends and even my Mother. I have been to every tech show in the Milwaukee and Chicago land area for the past 5 years. This past July my Wife and I were finally able to go to the V.I.P. at his Milwaukee show.

I started listening to Tech since about 2002 when I first seen the video for “Imma Tell”. I was up late one night watching a show called “Uncut” on BET. All of a sudden “Imma Tell” came on and I have been a Technician ever since. ”

The sugary Strange Music desserts are some of the most unusual and unique creations to ever bear the snake and bat image. Keith has every intention on bringing the Kansas City King some baked goods of his own:

” I plan on seeing Tech at the meet and greet in Bloomington, IL for the Lost Cities Tour and my Wife and I wanted to give Tech his own Strange cookies.”

Whether it’s a t-shirt, a hoodie, or in this case a box of cookies, nothing seems to be safe from Strange Music. Everyday fans are finding new ways to represent their love for the label, and most importantly, the music that supports it. They say the Strange life is beautiful, but now it’s sweet as well.

Check out Keith’s photos:

Strange Music - Anniversary CookieStrange Music Fans

-Victor Sandoval, Assistant Editor Strange Music

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