Fan’s Glowing Tribute To Tech N9ne [Fan Feature]

Sep 26 2011

Fan's Glow In The Dark Tech N9ne Tattoo

The tattoo phenomenon behind Tech N9ne’s fan base has become something to admire. Willing to take that extra step in their dedication, fans from all over the country have marked their bodies with everything from song lyrics to their favorite Strange Music logos, all in an effort to stand out as the most hardcore of fans. With so many individuals choosing to go under the needle, it’s become more and more of a challenge to be unique and original with tattoos. As an enthusiastic Tech N9ne fan, Theresa Romero knew that she wanted some Strange Music ink, but faced the dilemma of separating herself from the rest. The end result? A clever and very extraordinary tattoo befitting of the Strange Music title.

While discussing the tattoo, Theresa looked back at how she first discovered Tech N9ne and later came to appreciate his music for its real worth:

“I was introduced to Tech N9ne in 2002 by my nephew. I remember hearing ‘Imma Tell’ and thinking ‘Wow, this is new, I like it’, but only listened to Tech N9ne here and there. I didn’t become a Technician until 2008 when I re-listened to all of Tech N9ne’s albums from The Calm Before the Storm too, the then newly released, Killer. That was when I was hooked! I can honestly say I listen to Tech N9ne 90% of the time and most of the other 10% is still Strange Music related, whether Krizz Kaliko, Kutt Calhoun, Brotha Lynch, or any of the other Strange Music Artists.”

Taking all of its features into account, Theresa’s tattoo is one of the more unique ones to be shared with the Strange Music world. Looking to be in a lane of her own, she shared why she chose this design and what inspired the glow:

“I knew I wanted the word Strange and the Snake and Bat on my wrist. There are so many Tech N9ne and Strange Music tattoos out there that it’s hard to find a way to be original, but when I learned of the UV ink I knew that was the direction I wanted to go. I love it because you can still see it in the day and, if I go out, I will glow with Strange Pride anywhere with a black light! A few weeks later I added the wings and ‘I need more angels around me’ as a reminder to always be an angel when supporting Tech N9ne, Strange Music, and in my everyday life.”

Like most other fans, Theresa’s tattoo originated from her love for Tech N9ne’s music. Each and every fan finds different meaning inside the music, and Theresa was no exception:

“Tech N9ne doesn’t just make music to follow a trend or to fit in to what’s acceptable with mainstream. He puts his heart and soul in all of his songs, tells us his life story. I feel like I know Tech personally from his music, his highs and lows, ups and downs, he shares them all with us, his F.A.N.S. Tech N9ne’s music is so diverse that I can listen to it no matter what mood I’m in. When the world seems to be crumbling around me, Tech N9ne helps me escape. I can relate to his music on a level that no other artist or musician has ever been able to reach.”

For those reasons and more, Theresa hopes to add to her Tech N9ne tribute tattoo. As for the glow? Well, Theresa plans on adding to that as well:

“I definitely want more Tech N9ne tattoos! I would love to complete a sleeve on the same arm focusing mainly on Tech N9ne and Strange Music, but the process will take some time since I have so many ideas that need to be drawn out and arranged. I also know I will be adding more UV ink to it in different areas.”

With a special glow that leads the way to her love for Tech N9ne, Theresa has managed to create a very special and unique bond with Strange Music. As she carries those words with her, it can serve as a reminder to everyone that Strangeland is built on Tech N9ne’s love for positive vibes and positive music. In times of hardship, a little light can go a long way.

-Victor Sandoval, Assistant Editor Strange Music

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