Juvenile Brings The Heat To ‘Preserved’

Sep 13 2011

Juvenile Appears On Young Bleed's PreservedRising to fame in the late 90’s, New Orleans based Juvenile achieved massive mainstream success as one of the original members of the Cash Money Records roster. With numerous platinum releases and a #1 selling album, Juvenile marked his legacy in Southern hip hop.

Beginning with a regional career in New Orleans, Juvenile joined the ranks of Cash Money Records in 1997 and released his label debut, Solja Rags. The album went on to chart on Billboard’s Top 200 and led to Juvenile joining the Cash Money collective known as The Hot Boys which also included Lil Wayne, B.G., and Turk. Juvenile would go on to release three albums with The Hot Boys, all of which were successful in sales. Juvenile reached his biggest success with 1998’s 400 Degreez. The album spawned the monstrous single, “Back That Azz Up”, and went on to be certified four times platinum, becoming the most successful album on Cash Money Records.

Juvenile continued to release music with Cash Money records, but did not match the success of “Back That Azz Up” until 2003 when he released “Slow Motion” from Juve The Great. Since his high profile career with Cash Money Records, Juvenile has released several albums, including 2010’s Beast Mode. No longer an affiliate of Cash Money Records, Juvenile still remains one of the biggest stars to ever release music under the label.

Now, Juvenile looks to bring his famous New Orleans style to Young Bleed’s Preserved. Pairing the Louisiana MC’s, the album is opening the doors to Southern hip hop on Strange Lane/Strange Music. Juvenile’s appearance on Preserved, a song entitled “Buddha”, will mark the first high profile guest appearance on Strange Lane, and no doubt prove to be a memorable one. Looking to rekindle the flames of 400 Degreez, Juvie The Great is about to turn it up for Preserved.

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Young Bleed-Preserved