5 Most Memorable Moments On ‘Anghellic’

Sep 4 2011

Tech N9ne - Anghellic

This past week marked the tenth anniversary of Tech N9ne’s classic album, Anghellic. Presented as a ride through Hell, Purgatory, and eventually Heaven, the album served as Tech’s platform to express his spiritual torment. Drugs, sex, religion, fame, abortion, and even suicide are all themes that shaped Anghellic and gave listeners a full view into Tech N9ne’s world. As an album that has certainly stood the test of time, Anghellic also gave fans some of Tech N9ne’s most memorable moments on any record. This is a look back at the moments that made Anghellic such a classic Tech N9ne album.

5) Tech N9ne Drops The “A” Word On “Real Killer”
Morbid and painful, “Real Killer” had Tech N9ne painting a dark picture long before Killer. Opening up about his personal experiences, Tech laid out a story of unfortunate circumstance and regretful decisions. Exemplifying just why he is so different from other MCs, Tech N9ne covered the subject of abortion on this hardcore track that could otherwise be mistaken for a street anthem if not listened to carefully. Abortion may not have been as flashy as big money and strip clubs, but it shocked listeners enough to keep digging through Anghellic.

4) Tech N9ne Unleases His “Stamina
True, Anghellic was not the first time fans heard “Stamina”, but it was the first time the track received national exposure. Like a ballistic flame shooting war machine, Tech N9ne rapped to the sounds of machine gun fire and lived up to his namesake. To this day, Tech N9ne will close shows with this stunning showcase of tongue twisting abilities.

3) IcyRoc Kravyn Defines Anghellic With “It’s Alive”
Kansas City stepped into the spotlight with this anthem that went on to become the first smash single from Anghellic. Powered by IcyRoc Kravyn’s production, “It’s Alive” featured unconventional drum and bass along with the addictive piano that led listeners to Tech’s fiery flows. Completely unique in its approach, the music of “It’s Alive” would eventually stand as one of Tech’s finest moments and fuel his reputation as a one of a kind artist.

2) Tech N9ne Keeps It In The Family For “This Ring”
Long considered to be his best song, “This Ring” found Tech N9ne struggling with family and fame. The music that gave him an outlet for success had become the very thing that was separating him from his family, along with lust and drugs. Arguably the most intimate track on Anghellic, Tech added a personal touch when he included his son, Dontez Yates, on the actual recording, making for an emotional and almost heartbreaking moment.

1) Roger Troutman Helps Tech Get “Twisted”
As a long time fan of the legendary Roger Troutman, Tech sought to include him on Anghellic from the beginning. Armed with his signature talkbox, Roger Troutman lent his famous vocals to the closing track on Anghellic, “Twisted”. Along with featuring Roger Troutman, “Twisted” also took samples from several of Roger Troutman’s biggest hits with Zapp. “Twisted” took Tech N9ne to Heaven before ending his journey, and with the untimely passing of Roger Troutman, gave Anghellic a fitting end.

-Victor Sandoval, Assistant Editor Strange Music

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