9th Wonder: ‘I Really Admire What Tech N9ne Is Doing In The Midwest’ [Interview]

Sep 26 2011

9th Wonder Praises Tech N9ne

Hailed for his soulful and innovative production style, 9th Wonder has been one of the busiest producers in hip hop for the last decade. His work has reached the likes of Jay-Z, Destiny’s Child, Lil Wayne, Murs, J. Cole, and Jean Grae. The producer turned professor has been at work once again, this time building up his own label. Speaking to HipHopFiend.org, 9th Wonder discussed his new album, The Wonder Years, his record label, and his outlook on how to properly present music. On the subject of his label, 9th Wonder revealed why he admires Tech N9ne so much:

“My main focus is my label, I think trying to work with this that artist outside of here, that’s cool, but I’m trying to build artists now. I really admire what Tech N9ne is doing in the Midwest, and he’s kind of been my inspiration to do that, to become self-sufficient, to live his life the way he wants to live it, and make the music he wants to make. Whether he is a “household name” or not I don’t really think he cares, he has three warehouses and owns his own trucks. I mean, you have to define what success is for you, and that’s where I am right now.”

Tech N9ne’s independent grind has long been a shining example for artists in the music industry who are looking to build their own brand. 9th Wonder’s respect for Tech N9ne is another sign of the path that Strange Music has carved in the music business, and with Welcome To Strangeland on the way, that path is about to reach even further.

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