13 Year-Old Rapper Talks Tech N9ne [Article]

Sep 16 2011

J Byrd With Tech N9neAs kids, we have all looked up to our idols and dreamed about one day becoming just like them.

For some kids, it’s to be an NFL quarterback or an NBA superstar. For others, it’s inspiring to be an astronaut or even the President of the United States. Music inspires people all over the world and the work of Tech N9ne has inspired one young rapper to follow his dreams. Sam Freckman, also known as J Byrd, gives credit to Tech N9ne for being his inspiration to become a respected hip-hop artist. Earlier this year, J Byrd claimed meeting Tech N9ne in the studio kept his music making dreams alive.

In a recent interview with Kidzworld, J Byrd talks about his experience meeting Tech for the first time and why he is such an influence in his life.

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