Dolled Up With Tech N9ne Hair Bows [Fan Feature]

Sep 9 2011

Custom Tech N9ne Hair Bows

These days, Tech N9ne fans are pretty easy to spot. From t-shirts to hats and even shoelaces, fans love showing off their favorite MC. As Tech continues to spread, fans are not missing any opportunities to represent for Tech and Strange Music. Eva Sunny has found a unique way to express her love for Tech N9ne’s music with her own custom accessories that put Tech N9ne in a new place: hair bows.

Armed with a creative mind and a few tools at her disposal, this Sacramento fan has created her own line of custom hair bows with a bit of Tech N9ne flavor. She shared her process and why it is that she loves Tech N9ne:

“I design/make hair bows and earrings by hand. I have an embroidery machine that embroiders on: hats, shirts, hoodies, pants, shoes and even leather. I love to make Strange Music accessories. I make my bows with ribbon and a special hard plastic which I place on my bow, put a clip on the back and it’s done. My embroider machine is hd-quality stitches that can embroider the finest detail. It also stitches hats and hat bills. I make all sorts of stuff but Strange Music accessories is my specialty.

Tech N9ne is my mental therapy. I first seen him live in Sacramento for his Absolute Power tour seven years ago. I’m so addicted to Strange Music, I spend $200 a month on his website. My DREAM is to work for Strange Music! Id love to model clothing, make accessories and clothing for tech.”

Like many fans before her, Eva hopes that her unique Tech N9ne creations will lead to a bigger opportunity. For now, her love of Tech’s music is enough to keep her busy with these absolutely one of a kind custom accessories.

Check out Eva’s work below.

Custom Tech N9ne Bows

What do you think about Eva’s custom hair bows? Have you ever seen anything like them? Leave your thoughts below!