Fan’s Special Gift Finds The Way To Tech N9ne’s Bed [Fan Feature]

Sep 7 2011

In the world of Technicians, a personal encounter with Tech N9ne can mean everything. Known for his deep connection with fans, Tech has built relationships with his audience that are unlike anything else in the world of entertainment. Thanks to his numerous VIP Meet and Greets, Tech N9ne has given fans the perfect opportunity to share a one of a kind moment with him. For Chaniel Villanueval, this opportunity meant giving Tech N9ne a very special gift that would later find its way into the most intimate of places, and ultimately give her the biggest bragging right of all – getting into Tech N9ne’s bed.

Like many other fans, Chaniel was determined to personally give Tech N9ne a one of a kind gift that he could put to good use. As she shared in her own words, that determination led to some creative thinking and gave her the experience of a lifetime:

“After purchasing my VIP tickets i just knew i couldnt show up empty handed. Techs music has done so much for me, i mean this decade alone i cannot think of a single crucial or memorable moment in my life where Techs songs werent playing in the background or he was coming out with an album that was describing exactly what i was going thru word for word…i know better then any body what its like to be trapped in your own thoughts ~ and i just knew my idol would appreciate something to help put his strange mind at ease.

I’d been holding on to the fabric for quite some time ~ i got the white in San Francisco while i was living in the bay, and bought the black when i was living in North Hollywood. I made the pattern by hand. Majority is machine sewn and the red stitching was all hand embroidered. But the hardest part by far was finding the stuffing and the actual act of stuffing that damn pillow. you wouldnt believe how hard it is to find micro beads – and as soon as i started stuffing i knew i couldnt do it alone with a floor full of microscopic white foam balls EVERYWHERE. Definitely a labor of love!

I got the VIP tickets for his ALL 6’s & 7’s show in Charlotte, NC at the Tremont Music Hall. It was a 4 hour drive from where we live, and let me just say that that whole pilgrimage was literally all 6’s & 7’s. We gotta ticket on the way there, got caught in a freak hail storm, a mild case of food poisoning ~ i mean it was intense… but it was all worth it to see the look on his face when i unwrapped it for him from its red spider webbed gift wrapping. I was damn near crying when he held it over his head showing it off to the rest of the label. “

It was Chaniel’s respect and admiration for Tech’s music that really sparked the idea behind the gift. Tech’s music has played an important role in her life:

“Tech N9ne’s music has been there with me thru everything, and i know for a fact i wouldn’t be who i am today if it wasn’t for his mad skill and pure talent. The way his words captivate your imagination taking you to a time and place, letting you know that your not alone, giving me the ammunition to fight back and take a stand for what i believe in. i know it sounds cliche but theres literally no artist that can even compare to the level techs on. his independence, his creativity, his raw power – he is the snake charmer that could make even the saltiest of serpents slither. there truly is no words to compare to what his music means to me.”

Of course, knowing how many gifts Tech N9ne must receive on tour, Chaniel never imagined that her gift would get its own special place inside Tech’s home. As it turns out, after the All 6’s And 7’s Tour had wrapped up, Tech hit Twitter to show off his bedroom. Much to Chaniel’s surprise, Tech’s pictures included the very pillow she had given him on tour. The pillow that she had worked so hard to make was now front and center on Tech N9ne’s own bed. Chaniel recalled seeing the tweets for the first time:

Ill never forget him saying ‘this is one of the greatest things ive ever gotten on tour’ and i said ‘you mean it?! you really like it??’ ‘No baby, I DONT LIKE IT… i LOVE it’…and thats right about the time i almost fainted. I stuck around after the meet and greet and as he was going back to his bus he yelled ‘ima use this right NOW!’ looking back i thought he was just being nice and showing some love, but never in my wildest dreams did i think it would have made its way to his actual bed… i seriously could not feel any higher then that moment i was sent the link from his twitter. i was thru the roof!”

Proving just how much Tech appreciates his fans, Chaniel’s story is a wonderful example of the humble nature that Tech maintains with his audience. From her hands to the very place where Tech N9ne rests his head, Chaniel Villanueval’s unique gift has marked its own spot in the halls of Strangeland. Tech N9ne has always insisted that he keeps everything fans give him on tour, whether it be t-shirts or paintings. For fans looking to give Tech a gift, you never know where it could end up, so don’t be afraid to be creative!

Victor Sandoval, Assistant Editor Strange Music

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