‘I’m Going To Watch My Lyrical Idol Perform On Stage’ [Fan Feature]

Sep 29 2011

Fan On Tech N9ne's The Lost Cities TourThe excitement leading up to finally catching your favorite artist live is hard to compare to any other feeling. Regarded as one of the best live performers in all of music, Tech N9ne has built a career on his energetic stage show that includes stunning stage sets and perfectly executed choreography.

With The Lost Cities Tour finally underway, many fans will be experiencing their first Tech N9ne concert. Smashing through cities across the country, the tour will also see Krizz Kaliko, Kutt Calhoun, and Jay Rock join Tech N9ne for what will be the craziest spectacle this fall. Heather Gregson from Jacksonville, AR will be hitting The Lost Cities Tour for her first Tech N9ne concert. Like many fans around the country, she has been looking forward to this for a very long time and with a serious love for everything Tech N9ne, hopes to have the experience of a lifetime.

Heather’s first exposure to Tech N9ne’s music came courtesy of her friends. She shared her first impression of the lyrical madness that came through the speakers:

I remember vividly the very first time I heard Tech N9ne- I was riding with some new friends in the summer of ’09 when they popped in the Everready disc, everyone screaming, ‘Turn it to number four!’ ‘NUMBER FOUR!’ ‘Welcome to the Midwest’ was blowing up the speakers. I was overwhelmed by Tech’s impossible speed, Krizz’s amazing vocals to contrast, and beautifully unique music and beats as the foundation of it all. It wasn’t just rap. It was a new genre that excited all of my musical taste buds in a way that nothing else had. I was immediately hooked- and I have been for over 2 years now. I still can’t get enough. Someone could even just read the lyrics of paper, and it would sound like a symphony. Tech N9ne is a lyricist like I have never heard from anyone before. From the sound of his words, to the story they tell, it can’t be beat anywhere else in the world. When I heard ‘The Rain’ on Everready, I dropped a few tears. Someone who can be so hard and rap so fast, cutting into skin with his beat, can also turn around and on the same album, can give a public ode to his wife and kids, and let them sing to us, too?”

Once she learned the music, it wasn’t long before Heather looked to catch one of Tech N9ne’s legendary performances. She recalled looking up dates for Tech N9ne in the past, and while she may have missed out on the shows that came through, she is now getting her opportunity with The Lost Cities Tour:

“I remember the very first time I looked up Tech N9ne’s concert tour when K.O.D. first came out. I was expecting to see him jumping around in places I’d never heard of, some small towns in the middle of nowhere, maybe causing me to take a little drive to see him. My jaw literally dropped when I saw that he was actually touring big cities in Europe. I gave up hope to see Tech for the longest time. I thought he was too big to come close to my small state of Arkansas- but I was wrong. Tech’s devotion and passion for his fans will take him all around the country, even to my little town of Little Rock. And trust me, the devotion and passion are reciprocated. Up until this point I haven’t seen him live, but I promised myself I wouldn’t die until I did.

I’m going to be in Oklahoma this Saturday for Tech’s Lost Cities tour. I expect no less than a mass of technicians getting hyphie to the musical genius on stage, an unseen connection between me and everyone else in the crowd because we all love the ones giving us their heart over the mic, and a hype so big and a beat so hard and a rap so bold that one can’t help but shiver in awe and musical ecstasy. If I heard all the songs I request at the concert, we wouldn’t get out until Monday. Oddly, the main songs I want to hear all start with B: ‘That Box’ ‘Bout Ta Bubble’ ‘The Beast’ ‘Bunk Rock Bitch’ and ‘Back Pack’ I’m wanting to hear the songs that will get me upbeat and ready to dance my life away! My list is endless. I’m absolutely stoked about Krizz and Kutt being there, too. I couldn’t imagine Tech performing anywhere without them. I’m kind of new to Jay Rock, but I know if he’s preforming with The Strange Trinity, he must pass my standard. I don’t doubt that Krizz and Kutt will make an intense impact on stage.”

Looking to finally watch the man himself on stage, Heather knows exactly what it is that has drawn her to the live Tech N9ne experience. Like a proud Technician, she explained why no one should miss out on The Lost Cities Tour:

“Anyone with fine music tastes should catch their chance to join in on this tour. Nothing beats hearing the heart-wrenching music from the artist himself, in person. Being able to see the music artists sweating on stage, using every ounce of strength to deliver you the best music they can muster–because they love you–is an experience that everyone needs to feel. I’m going to watch my lyrical idol perform on stage and get as close as I can in hope of accidentally brushing against him, being hypnotized by his song. Not going would be missing out on an experience that you wouldn’t get from any other artist (or group of artists). It’s a unique opportunity that you don’t know if you’ll get again in your lifetime.”

It’s been said over and over again, but it rings true every single time. Tech N9ne’s live stage show is something to be experienced at least once. As The Lost Cities Tour makes its way from town to town, fans like Heather Gregson will be living through the rumbling speakers, the flashing lights, and the next level atmosphere that comes from Tech N9ne’s tours. The Lost Cities Tour is bringing Strangeland to the masses.

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-Victor Sandoval, Assistant Editor Strange Music

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