‘It’s Alive’ Gets Personal [Fan Feature]

Sep 14 2011

Frosty Fresh Meets Tech N9ne

They say that when it presents itself, you must seize the moment. This statement rings true for a lot of people, but especially for Frosty Fresh from Seattle, who now has the story of a lifetime thanks to his love for Tech N9ne’s music. True, Tech N9ne is known for the amount of time he spends with all of his fans, but not every fan can say they have recited the words to a Tech N9ne classic with the man himself. That’s exactly what happened to Frosty Fresh when he decided he absolutely needed to meet Tech after a show. The moment he shared with Tech N9ne is one that is truly beyond anything that can be expressed in words. That is, unless those words are : It’s Alive, Aw hell!

Like every Tech N9ne fan, Frosty Fresh has his own special story of how he first encountered the man they call the Kansas City King. Frosty reflected on his initial exposure to Tech N9ne’s music and how he feels about the Strange Music movement:

“I have been listening to Tech N9ne since i believe 2002 or 2003 when i was in seventh grade. I saw his video one night really late on BET I think. Then I went on my brother computer and he had two songs by Tech, one was ‘Imma Tell’, and the other was ‘Breath’ I IMMEDIATELY fell in love. I could rap the whole song within a week or so. Then I got my best friend into him too.

I remember my I think third Tech N9ne concert at El Corazon in Seattle. Travis was walking around in public! Taking pictures and signing things. I really respect him for that, not a lot of executives will walk around without security. Also whenever I am at a concert ALL of the Strange staff is awesome, they will talk to you for ten minutes, they are not just like buy this CD, they actually love Tech and share common interests with you. Also Scenario keeps it poppin’. But Strange works hard and I respect them to the fullest. LONG TOURS!!!!”

With such a respect for Tech N9ne and Strange Music, it was only a matter of time before Frosty decided that he needed to meet the man behind it all. Frosty shared how his determination ultimately paid off, and gave way for a one on one performance of “It’s Alive”:

“Tech was in town two nights in a row, I bought tickets the first night and knew he left to the bus. So we waited outside and got a lil tipsy. I was smoking a cig and someone bumped into my friend. IT WAS TECH!! I said TECH TECH can you please sign these?? As he walkin’ away he said ya later man. So I waited for maybe an hour, then caught Joe, and said Tech said he would sign these for us. Sure enough not only did he sign them he did it in his bus. We took pics, I REALLY wish we could have taken video though. And then it got cut short, ’cause someone wanted to do an interview. IT WAS LIKE A DREAM! WE STILL ASK OURSELVES TODAY, DID THIS REALLY HAPPEN?? Well we got the pics to prove it!

I had already been practicing the fast part of ‘It’s Alive’, not cuz I ever thought i would meet him, just because I love how it flows. So we were on the bus and I was like why don’t you perform ‘It’s Alive’? I don’t remember his answer. Anyways, I start rapping it and he’s nodding his head and smiling and sayin like every other word as I’m rapping it! Almost as if I was reciting an old prayer he said as a kid but forgot about it until I started reciting. It really moved me I will remember it until the day I die!”

That personal encounter not only gave Frosty his own personal Tech N9ne experience, but he believes it may have also been the spark that led to the resurrection of “It’s Alive”:

“I believe that even though he might not remember us doing that in the bus, it still sparked something in his head. Maybe he just didn’t know how loyal his fans were yet, or didn’t know if people really digged that song. But no joke a couple concerts later he performed it, and it was amazing. He dragged out the because because because because, took a deep breath, and spit it hard, and I knew me and all the other hardcore tech fans were singin word for word with him!”

While not every Technician may be able to replicate that experience, they can still create their own thanks to Strange Music’s VIP packages for The Lost Cities Tour. “It’s Alive” has become a staple in Tech N9ne’s set for the last few tours, and even if fans don’t get an intimate performance, they can still catch it on stage, they way it was meant to be seen.

-Victor Sandoval, Assistant Editor Strange Music

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