Jomeezius The Genius Speaks On Producing ‘Beautiful Music’ [SM Exclusive]

Sep 19 2011

Jomeezius The Genius On Producing "Beautiful Music" For Tech N9neTech N9ne Collabos Welcome To Strangeland has already built a massive buzz online despite its release date being slated for November.

Fans got their first look into Strangeland with the surprise release of “Beautiful Music”, which was made available to fan via pre-orders. The eerie and menacing sounds of the track soon had fans everywhere talking about the music behind Tech’s voice. It wasn’t long before producer Jomeezius The Genius was thrown into the spotlight. Based out of Denver,CO , the young producer has already carved out an impressive resume with names like Chamillionaire and Crooked-I. Now, Jomeezius The Genius turns his focus to Welcome To Strangeland as he contributed several pieces of music to the collaborative album. We recently caught up with the mysterious producer to discuss his work on “Beautiful Music” and the several other tracks he produced for Tech N9ne.

How did you come to work with Tech N9ne?

There is an artist out here by the name of Nominee, he’s a Colorado rapper. He had gotten an interview with Tech a few years back. He hooked me up with some contacts to shoot some music to him. I sent the music to him and I heard the interview, it was recorded like this one. I heard my name come up, so I was like, “Cool, they heard some of my music.” This was around the time of Killer. It didn’t work out at the time, but they came here, to Denver, on July 1 and I got one of those VIP packages. I went and I met Tech and Travis and I gave them some USB drives with some tracks I was working on for him. A couple of weeks later Travis called me and told me they wanted to work with some of them.

How many tracks did you produce for Welcome To Strangeland?

As far as I know for sure, four tracks. It could be as many as six, but those last two are tentative. I haven’t really heard too much about those last two. They did call me about them, but I’m not really sure if they’re going to put them on the project, but definitely those four.

What can you tell me about the tracks you produced?

Well, you know, I’m a big fan of Tech and he’s a big influence on my music. The most I can say is they are very musical and Tech is a very musical artist. He puts a lot of creativity into his music and definitely inspires me and my production. A lot of the rhythms are unorthodox, I would say. The melodies are unorthodox as well. The best I can say is they fit Tech’s style like a glove and I really think that’s why he likes it so much. I put together a whole package. I knew I was going to go meet him, so I did put together some custom records that I wanted him to hear. That was one that I created for him specifically. When I compose, I really don’t have too many thoughts. It’s just something that flows through me. I wasn’t really thinking anything. I was just composing music that I thought he would like. Real bass heavy and complex rhythms.

How do you feel about the positive reception to “Beautiful Music”?

Oh, I totally freaked out man, I’m not gonna lie. I didn’t know that they had released it, but there’s a lot of Technicians, in Denver especially. I work with a lot of people out here, so there was people calling me like, “Hey I heard the track you did, it’s called ‘Beautiful Music’.” I looked it up on YouTube, and I kind of laughed hysterically for a while. Yeah, I was very excited. It’s a beautiful thing. I feel very blessed to work with my favorite rapper. Tech N9ne has been my favorite for a very long time. It’s just been a very blessed situation to see the reaction of his fans and people who are familiar with my music. It’s been a beautiful thing and I just feel very blessed. I’m so excited. I know there’s so many Tech N9ne fans out there and there’s so many new ones that are just now finding out about him, even though he’s a veteran. It’s just so exciting to know what kind of prospects and great things that are to come from this project.

Are there any details on who collaborated over your tracks?

I’m going to be surprised just like everyone. It’s like waiting on Christmas.

Fans can hear more of Jomeezius The Genius’ work on Tech N9ne Collabos Welcome To Strangeland. Click here to pre-order.

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-Victor Sandoval, Assistant Editor Strange Music

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