‘If You Only Knew’ [Song]

Oct 5 2011

Big Scoob - No FilterNo Filter, Big Scoob spills out every issue he has in front of him with a sincere send off that sees him partner with Irv Da Phenom once more.

More focused than saddened, Scoob sharply addresses his everyday struggles and drives home why he does what he does. It’s not a matter of just making music or being famous, but rather it’s out of necessity that Scoob continues to grind. Boogie Man’s soulful contribution gives Scoob a softer musical piece to open up to and give fans a real look at his motivation in the game. Spitting at an aggressive rate, Scoob hits with:

“Fuck it nigga, I ain’t subtle
sick and in the daily struggle
dyin as these words tumble
defiant til my final mumble”

Like the last words of a fed up hustler, “If You Only Knew” sounds off with enough emotion to give Scoob one of his most touching tracks. The harsh reality of No Filter manages to soften up, even if for only a moment.

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