By The Numbers – What Is The Coathanga Strangla’s Official Body Count?

Oct 28 2011

Brotha Lynch Hung - The Coathanga Strangla

With Dinner And A Movie in 2010, Brotha Lynch Hung introduced fans to one of the most sadistic and brutal serial killers to ever stalk the streets. The Coathanga Strangla, a demented individual with a taste for blood, came to life through Lynch’s cinematic saga. As the story unfolded on Coathanga Strangla, the man behind the mask began his descent into complete and utter madness. Murder was no longer a hobby, but a necessity.

Leaving a trail of flesh and blood, the Coathanga Strangla claimed innocent victims track after track. Brotha Lynch Hung used his music to reflect on every murder, each more terrifying than the last. On Dinner And A Movie, the killer preyed on MCs who were not worthy of the stage. On Coathanga Strangla, everybody was fair game. Women were especially vulnerable to the Coathanga Strangla’s sociopathic nature. With a hungry beast inside of him, The Coathanga Strangla grew into a monster, unlike any that had been encountered before.

Killers, much like hunters, have a need to collect trophies. Every kill is like a prize and with each one, the number of trophies grows. During his killing spree, Jeffrey Dahmer claimed 17 bodies. John Wayne Gacy collected a staggering 33 kills. Could the Coathanga Strangla have both of them beat?

Do you know what the official body count is for the Coathanga Strangla? Have you figured it out? Let us know in the comments below!