‘If You Haven’t Already Purchased Your VIP Package, Do It Now’ [Fan Feature]

Oct 13 2011

John Werking With Tech N9ne During A Meet And Greet

For fans all over the country, The Lost Cities Tour is another great opportunity to live through the experience of a live Tech N9ne show. The theatrics, excitement, and overall electric atmosphere is enough to keep fans buzzing in the crowd. While the concert itself is what draws people in, it’s Strange Music’s unique VIP packages that keep them coming back. The exclusive VIP packages offered by Strange Music are unlike anything else out there. Just as the name indicates, fans are treated to a special VIP experience that includes an hour long meet and greet with every artist on the tour. If that wasn’t enough, the package also includes admission and over $300 in merchandise. As fans ponder whether or not to purchase a VIP package, dedicated Technicians like John Werking have decided to share their opinion on The Lost Cities VIP.

After receiving his VIP package in the mail, John Werking explained what it was that made him want to go with a VIP experience:

“I purchased the VIP package for three reasons, the first being to support Tech N9ne, of course, the second being the merchandise to have and to flash to all my friends, third being, along with all the merchandise I get, I get to meet Tech before the show!! The best part of the package!!! The VIP package is something to consider if you’re a hardcore fan of Tech N9ne and want to have this memory forever.”

John Shows Off His VIP Package

The Lost Cities Tour VIP includes great merchandise items like the Strange Music drawstring bag, Strange Music water bottle, and even a Strange Music CD wallet. John went on to tell us what his favorite item was and what he thought the fans would like about the merchandise:

“If I had to choose one item in the VIP package that I enjoy the most it is more than likely the giant flag. I can hang it in my room and represent Tech even when I sleep. $125 for the VIP package was more than worth it, I don’t regret it and when Strange Music comes back into my town I’ll buy the next VIP package. I think fans are going to enjoy the t-shirts or backpack the most because those items can advertise their enjoyment of Strange Music.”

As for fans who haven’t yet decided to go with VIP, John has something to say to them as well:

“If you haven’t already bought the VIP package, do it now. Is it worth it? More than your next rent bill. Support Tech and all the Strange Music members, and enjoy the music that’s going to change everything forever.”

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-Victor Sandoval, Assistant Editor Strange Music

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