Illustrating Strangeland [Fan Feature]

Oct 13 2011

Scrob's Strange Music Art

The world of Strange Music is crazy and unbelievable enough as it is, but what happens when it gets taken to the art world for a reimagining of sorts? Robert Schugerg aka Scrob has done just that with an entire website dedicated to his art which prominently features some of the most familiar faces on Strange Music. Everyone from Tech N9ne to Young Bleed has received the Scrob treatment with unique and incredibly detailed artwork. In September, Scrob introduced “Strange September” and dedicated an entire month to exclusive Strange Music pieces. Like a true artist, Scrob found his inspiration through another form of art.

Thinking back to how he first came across Tech N9ne’s music, Scrob explained what it all means to him:

“I was introduced to Tech – similar so many other good things – by the Juggalos when Absolute Power came out. Then I bought two RDV LPs and have played their NWA remake once a day on average. As a kid I learned English by listening to Busta, so I loved Tech’s high energy and high speed and showed it to everyone. Strange Music to me means high quality entertainment and it makes me trust in the idea that good work with steady improvement will triumph eventually. Supporting a musician over years is like buying stock, it makes you happy when he succeeds and you put your money on the right horse. On top of that I have an obsession with skills of all kind and what other name says “skills” like Tecca Nina?”

Fans like Scrob always find a particular way to express their respect and admiration for Strange Music. As it turns out, his love for underground music is what drives the art:

“On the one hand I like to give something back to the people that gave me good music, on the other hand the visuals of wicked underground rap automatically cause all kinds of awesome images in my head that I try to deliver as good as I can. It also gives me the freedom to experiment with styles, unlike commercial work.

I mostly draw with a Tablet PC so I can record the process, but sometimes I sketch with a pencil first. Tying to get into 3D, but that will take time.”

For “Strange September”, Scrob managed to create some of the most professional art work out there. The month long dedication resulted in most of the Strange Music pieces:

“I decided to dedicate a whole month to Strange (Strange September) so everyone has a chance. Big Scoob’s face is interesting and Tech’s eyebrows of course. Every face is a challenge. I’ll probably do Lynch next or Krizz Kaliko.”

Thanks to Scrob’s creative vision, Strangeland has received a bit of a makeover in the form of portraits. Big Scoob, Young Bleed, Tech N9ne, Brotha Lynch Hung, and Jay Rock are just a few of the impressive pieces Scrob has posted for fans. With Strangeland’s borders expanding, even the art world is feeling the infection.

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Victor Sandoval, Assistant Editor Strange Music

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