Mac Lethal Represents Brotha Lynch Hung In ‘Occupy The Bar’ [Music Video]

Oct 18 2011

Mac Lethal Represents Brotha Lynch Hung

Even Mac Lethal can appreciate Strange Music’s resident cannibal. In his latest YouTube contribution, the Kansas City MC gives fans another one of his speedy raps, only this time he aims his sharp rhymes at the President, Fred Phelps, and the Tea Party, all while sporting a Brotha Lynch Hung sweatshirt. Calling for change, Mac spits a frighteningly fast flow and backs it up with substance. Fans can follow his lightning fast words thanks to the lyrics on the video. Not everyone may agree with Mac Lethal’s message, but at least Strange Music fans can appreciate his choice in gear.

Click here to watch or scroll down below.

What did you think of Mac Lethal’s video? Do you think he wants to reach out to Brotha Lynch Hung?